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Naturopathic Care

"Feeling so tired in the afternoon you just want to close your eyes and nap? Irritable and don't know why? These are just some of the things I was dealing with on a daily basis. It was exhausting... I am not a fan of prescription medications so I choose to go the naturopathic way whenever possible and I have been a patient of Dr. Tindall for years. When I was pregnant with my son I used Standard Process Whole Food Supplements, as advised by Dr. Tindall, in place of synthetic prenatal vitamins and had a healthy pregnancy. So when I saw that Dr. Tindall was doing nutritional consultations I decided this is the way I wanted to seek help for how I was feeling. What I liked about the consultation is I was able to fill out all the necessary forms and questionnaires through email and the consultation was done over the phone. There was no need to go to the physical office in KY, everything was done from my home in Southern Indiana. That was a big plus for me, as I sought help during the pandemic and wasn't comfortable going to a physical office at the time. And the supplements I was advised to take, I ordered online, and they were delivered right to my door! Fast forward 5 months, I am feeling so much better! I am not so tired in the afternoons anymore and I actually have energy to keep up with my son. I feel clearer headed and less irritable. All in all I am very happy I decided to invest in my health. Thank you Dr. Tindall, Mariam, and all of New Life Naturopathic!" Erin L.


"After several days of feeling increasingly worse, I contacted Dean W Tindall and asked for his recommendation for helping my body deal with the detoxing and cancer die off. Dan went and picked up some Standard Process supplements which I started taking yesterday. Happy to report no nausea this morning and only a tiny bit of shakiness. Thank you Dean W Tindall - God has truly gifted you with healing knowledge and a tremendous desire to help people!"

 Debbie Richards-Facebook

"M... and I, along with our daughter and her family see Dr. Tindall. I started going to him about 14 years ago because traditional medicine wasn’t doing what it should for me either, plus I believe in things other that pharma. Then I worked for him for awhile. I can give you numerous personal experiences where traditional medicine was a but he took care of it." Judy B.

Thank you Dr. Tindall. Thanks to you and others who have taught me so much about healthy living, I am doing very well for being 67 years old. No medicine just my supplements. 💕 Alina Edlin (Facebook)

Dr. Tindall is the only Dr. who has never let me down or my family members. Always ready & waiting with a smile. One of the kindest humans I have met. "In good hands." Rebecca Colleen Barry



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