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What is telehealth and why should you consider it?

In the last decade, as we live in an increasingly digital world, the way we access goods and services has changed drastically. Online shopping allows us to order what we need from the convenience of our own homes. Chat and text capabilities let us speak to customer service representatives in a matter of seconds, and telehealth allows you to meet our providers without ever having to leave home.

At New Life Naturopathic , more and more clients choose telehealth appointments to meet their health needs. But some people still wonder, what is a telehealth appointment and what are its benefits?

A telehealth appointment is a phone or video meeting between you and our nutritional counselor. Prior to your telehealth appointment, we review your file and make notes to prepare for appointment. We the spend the allotted amount of time discussing your health issues. After the appointment, we prepare our recommendations and email the information to you.

What are the benefits of a telehealth appointment with New Life Naturopathic?

Here are a few that our clients mention and love:


1. Convenience and Comfort of your own home!

For everyone, this means something different: You don’t have to rush to get ready, or find a sitter for the kids or pets. Your home is your comfort, and being able to be there for a nutritional appointment is calming and re-energizing. Not to mention you can show your nutritionist the supplements you are taking without having to bring heavy bottles with you to your appointment.


2. Be at work – Portability and accessibility!

Not home during the appointment? You can take your appointment with you wherever you go. Step away into a quiet space at work, be it a conference room or your own office, turn on your phone and voila! You are ready to meet with your practitioner. This way you are minimizing your time away from your work day and can easily go back to your work day with minimal interruption.


3. Forget the traffic or the parking!

We all complain about traffic for a reason – it is awful. Unfortunately, parking is no better in many cases. Think about the time you would waste in driving to your appointment and looking for a parking space! Now you can leave your car at home and avoid the stress and trouble.


4. Save a lot of time!

Leaving early, driving to the appointment, and parking all that time adds up quickly, so an hour appointment turns into a three-hour block on your calendar. With a telehealth appointment, the hour is exactly an hour – grab your laptop or phone and wait comfortably in your own house until the doctor calls you.


5. No need to worry about childcare or pet care!

Can’t find a babysitter or a dog walker? No problem! Keep your kids and pets at home while you attend to your appointment needs. Telehealth is easy, fast and convenient. It saves you time and money and allows you to have more mental space for you. Not driving to your appointment will also beneficially impact the environment, reducing your carbon footprint and help to keep our planet green.

Some may initially think that if it is not a ‘"live"’ appointment, it is not as efficient, productive or personal. Our clients say the opposite and mention they actually like it better than live appointments for various reasons of their own. One of the reasons is the doctor is totally focused on you and your health during the appointment with no outside distractions!!


         6. After hours and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

Busy lives require flexibility and convenience and we offer evening and weekend appointments when needed.

Schedule your telehealth appointment today with a call or a click and get on your way to better health!

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