Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase a consult? After you purchase your consult:

  1. We will email you our assessment forms- Confidential Patient Information (CPI), stress survey, toxicity survey, brain survey, and symptom survey. 
  2. Complete forms and then return forms along with current medical records and labs. 
  3. We review all your records, information, and develop a working nutritional diagnosis. 
  4. Schedule a phone consultation to review and gather additional information as to your health concerns and goals.
  5. A thorough intake including current concerns, past conditions, family history and a review of systems
  6. We then will develop a personalized nutritional program to address your main health challenges. 

What happens after the consultation? 

We will send you your supplement schedule and an explanation of each supplement and how it addresses your specific health issue. We'll also send a digital cookbook, information about making lifestyle and dietary changes, educational information, and much more.

How often are follow up consults?

We typically do follow up consults once per month for 8-12 months. This is a normal time frame for healing your body after years of unhealthy behavior. 

What happens during follow up consults?

We review your progress, make adjustments to supplement recommendations, review new lab work or order lab work. Review your food diary and make lifestyle adjustments. Answer any questions that you may have. We follow you through the transformation to an NEW LIFE! 

When does the lab testing get ordered?

We usually like to order lab testing after the initial consultation so we can focus the testing on your specific health concerns.