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So, how does this whole thing work?


1. I've done diets before, how is this different? 

We believe that developing an educational foundation in nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle is the optimal equation for long-term success. We do not believe in calorie restrictions; instead, we teach a "real food" mindset. Our doctors will discuss with you where we can work together to help you reach your specific goals. Your health is our #1 priority!

2. Do you only work with people who want to lose weight?


Nope! Although many of our clients' health goals include weight loss, our team can help with a variety of different health conditions. We have extensive experience in nutrition education, diabetes management, Thyroid issues, Liver problems, IBS, PCOS, and more.

3. Do I have to count calories? 


The short answer is NO. Understanding proper portioning eliminates the need to meticulously count calories. Don't believe us?  Just ask our clients!

4. How often do I speak to the doctor? 

As a general rule, our Naturopath and Women's health doctors will provide monthly virtual sessions that will allow you to quickly make incremental improvements and nip bad habits in the bud. Because many small changes are easier to make than one massive readjustment, meeting on a regular basis helps keep you on track and accountable to your improved health, weight loss and nutrition goals.


We offer several Wellness Coach Program options for our clients.

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