If you want to lose weight, you have to focus on health first! (Part 1 OF 3)


If you want to lose weight, you have to focus on your health first!

I understand your struggle to lose weight and be healthier. Myself, I was involved in a very bad car crash. I broke my neck, crushed and artery in my spine, damaged a nerve in my neck. I suffer with chronic pain. Prior to this crash I weighed around 170 lbs and a year after the crash, 285 lbs. I struggled for about a year to lose the weight. My problem? I was focused on losing weight and did some really bad unhealthy diets, thought taking high doses of synthetic supplements and metabolism boosters was going to help me. It didn’t, it made matters worse. What I had to learn was to refocus my efforts and energies on being healthy - Eating healthy foods, creating healthy habits and keeping a mind focused on health. Guess what? I lost weight and am healthier than I have been in the last 25 years. 

So, if you are trying to be healthy, increase energy, feel better, look younger and/or lose weight without focusing on your health and metabolism in general, you’re going to have a really hard time accomplishing your goals. We work with you to repair your metabolism and educate you about real health.

What is your “metabolism? Metabolism is defined as “how organisms, organ systems, individual organs, cells, and biomolecules carry out the chemical and physical functions in a living system.”

We find that our most unhealthy clients are focused on the wrong goal- to lose weight. This singular focus leaves people to be susceptible to marketing trends to sell them the latest and greatest “weight loss” product or plan. Which in many cases can actually causes even more damage to the body’s physiology, which we later have to repair. What we strive to get our  patients to FOCUS on being healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. Then and only, then can you lose weight in a healthy way. Because being a lean mean fighting machine is all about having a healthy lifestyle - eating right, moving right and thinking right!

As a holistic medical nutritionist, I get frustrated every time I read a the “latest” trend on the internet that you should lower your calories, exercise more, eat fat-free, or take the latest metabolism-boosting supplement. Your body and your health are your most valuable things you have, without your health, its very hard to do the activities that you enjoy. Think of your body as you would your home, to have a structural sound house; it starts with a SOLID foundation. If you neglect your foundation and try to lose weight, your house/body will come crumbling down (i.e. you’ll gain more weight, lose more energy, etc)

Learning how the 5 major factors responsible for your ability to burn fat off your body will help you not only assess your current foundation, but will help you build it from the ground up.

The Major Systems That Influence Your Health and Your Ability to Lose Weight

A healthy body and metabolism is greatly influenced by the health of these systems.

  • Your Liver – The main detoxification organ. The liver is responsible for ¾ of your thyroid hormone production.
  • Your Thyroid – Your master metabolism gland controls your body temperature, metabolism functions, and ability to burn fat.
  • Your Adrenals – Your stress glands. The adrenal glands regulate steroid hormones (for fat loss) and stress hormones helping balance your metabolism.
  • Your Muscle – The only metabolically active tissue in the body, helps burn fat, regulate blood glucose, and support an elevated metabolism.
  • Your Body – The product of the 4 previous metabolism factors. Your body is either functioning optimally or is in a state of disease.
  1. The Liver and Your Health

Your liver is responsible for over 600 metabolic functions. When your liver becomes overburdened with toxins, processed foods, medicines, alcohol, sugar, stress hormones, etc…this causes damage to the liver and it stops functioning properly! When this happens your health goes down quickly.

You want a healthy liver that filters out environmental toxins, excessive stress hormones, helps assimilate nutrients and minerals, process fat, aides in digestion and blood sugar control, and helps process your macronutrients (fats, carbs, and proteins) efficiently. The liver also controls over 70% of your thyroid function, by converting T4 into T3 helping you keep your metabolism humming along.

When your liver goes from thriving mode to survival mode, metabolic problems soon follow, such as:

  • Weight gain around the abdomen
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Digestive issues, especially fats
  • Burping, belching, and / or abdominal pain after eating fatty foods
  • Bowel issues- usually constipation
  • Arthritis type pain
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Skin issues, moodiness, depression
  • Low energy, unstable blood sugar, sleep disturbances
  • Increased hunger

If you want to ensure a healthy liver, commit to eliminating the top inflammatory foods, processed foods, stimulants, sugars, grains, pasta, and more. We use dietary changes and whole food supplements to support liver function.

With a healthy liver, the sky is the limits for your health, fat loss, and metabolism results.

Part 2 will be published next week

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