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Naturopathy has 4 Steps of Holistic Medical Nutritional Therapy 


Step 1. The nutritional assessment/consultation is the process of interviewing and reviewing pertinent medical records, labs, and patient surveys to determine whether a dietary problem exists and interpreting the information to identify a nutritional diagnosis. Without appropriate nutritional assessment, the entire nutritional care process breaks down and the client doesn’t obtain the results they want with their health needs.

Step 2. The nutritional diagnosis describes problems that the nutritional counselor labels and is responsible for determining the proper course of action, which supplements to use, what dietary recommendations to offer, and what exercise programs to suggest. The nutritional diagnosis is NOT a medical diagnosis that is designed to label a disease or pathology. As the client makes changes and their health improves, the nutritional requirements will also change.

Step 3. The intervention process is to provide recommendations and strategies to address each client’s unique health problem. This is the action phase where the client and counselor implement the care plan. This process has five basic steps which are: 

  • Food and Lifestyle recommendations

  • Nutritional Education

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Coordination of Nutritional Care

  • Naturopathic Treatment if necessary


Step 4. The Monitoring and evaluation phase allows the counselor to monitor progress and adjust recommendations as the client’s health changes. Follow up consults are normally done monthly and re-assessments are done every 3 to 4 months during the therapeutic and rebuilding phases of care. During the maintenance phase, follow up consults are normally every 2 months and re-assessments every 6 months, unless an acute issue arises.

Good health should always start with good food and whole food supplements!

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