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Holiday Season Special!

During this holiday season and due to the difficult times we are all facing, New Life Naturopathic is giving you a gift of health by offering $75 off the initial consultation- at 33% savings!! This offer is for a limited time and for the first 50 clients.

Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathic Therapy

We have taken Dr. Tindall’s expertise in functional medicine, health and nutrition; combined it with Mariam’s background in biology, neuroscience, and genetics to develop a unique Holistic Nutritional program that integrates current, evidence-based science and traditional philosophy into a unique telehealth program which uses natural therapies along with lifestyle changes to address the root cause of health concerns and find the best solution. Your symptoms are your body's way of telling you that there is a problem with your health.

Listen to your BODY! We will too!

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“ Dr. Tindall has helped me get off of heartburn medication, anxiety and depression medication and has helped to straighten out my hormones. I’ve got my eating straightened out and I have lost weight and pant sizes. I am so thankful for him and what he has done for my health, both physical and mental. Thank you!!”Thanks,

Kelsey Anderson

Dr Tindall has been a great help to my overall health and minimizing my pain. if there is anyone that has illnesses or physical symptoms I would recommend Dr Dean Tindall. He has fixed many issues with me & my family . I trust him the world over. he know his stuff and has such a vast array of health knowledge.

Lisa Downs Coffey-Facebook

Thank you Dr. Tindall. Thanks to you and others who have taught me so much about healthy living, I am doing very well for being 67 years old. No medicine just my supplements. 💕 

Alina Edlin (Facebook)

Dr. Tindall is the only Dr. who has never let me down or my family members. Always ready & waiting with a smile. One of the kindest humans I have met. "In good hands."

Rebecca Colleen Barry

After several days of feeling increasingly worse, I contacted Dean W Tindall and asked for his recommendation for helping my body deal with the detoxing and cancer die off. Dan went and picked up some Standard Process supplements which I started taking yesterday. Happy to report no nausea this morning and only a tiny bit of shakiness. Thank you Dean W Tindall - God has truly gifted you with healing knowledge and a tremendous desire to help people!

Deb Richards- Facebook

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