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Will my HSA or insurance cover for your services?

Since Dr. Tindall is a licensed practitioner, your HSA and/or your insurance may cover part of our consultation service, supplements, and labs. To find out if you qualify for re-imbursement, contact your insurance provider. We do not provide billing services. If you have questions please, contact us at

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“ Dr. Tindall has helped me get off of heartburn medication, anxiety and depression medication and has helped to straighten out my hormones. I’ve got my eating straightened out and I have lost weight and pant sizes. I am so thankful for him and what he has done for my health, both physical and mental. Thank you!!”Thanks,

Kelsey Anderson

Dr Tindall has been a great help to my overall health and minimizing my pain. if there is anyone that has illnesses or physical symptoms I would recommend Dr Dean Tindall. He has fixed many issues with me & my family . I trust him the world over. he know his stuff and has such a vast array of health knowledge.

Lisa Downs Coffey-Facebook

Thank you Dr. Tindall. Thanks to you and others who have taught me so much about healthy living, I am doing very well for being 67 years old. No medicine just my supplements. 💕 

Alina Edlin (Facebook)

Dr. Tindall is the only Dr. who has never let me down or my family members. Always ready & waiting with a smile. One of the kindest humans I have met. "In good hands."

Rebecca Colleen Barry

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